I'm New..  to church
We realise it can be a really daunting thing going to a church for the first time. Some people have never been to any church before, others have never been to ours. What can you expect? Here's some things that might help you take the plunge...

1. Church is not a club of good people. No! Jesus said he came for people who know they are not what they ought to be or could be. We are a group of people who have come to know Jesus and are being (slowly) changed by him. And so...

2. We welcome everyone and seek to offer you the welcome Jesus offers you. We will offer you a friendly welcome at the door.

3. But we also recognise that this world hurts. Some people just need to come to church and sit, be, reflect and absorb. You are welcome to do that. We won't put any pressure on you.

So what happens?

Getting here:
It's better for the planet to walk or cycle. But if you are driving we have a small car park and also have the use of the Old Hill Primary play ground. There is also on-street parking.

On arrival:
For the morning service, come in the main door off the car park on Lawrence Lane.
For the evening service, come in the church-centre entrance off Church Street

Before the service:
You will be welcomed on or near the door by one of our welcome team and then given a Bible, notice sheet (telling you what is happening that week) and anything else you might need for the service. 
In the evening you will also be given a hymn book (either Mission Praise or Hymns for Todays Church (for those who are interested in those sort of things!))
You may also be given other pieces of paper for information or that may have .
Before the service people chat to one another, use the toilets, sit quietly, run around (if they are children).

The start of the service
Both services start promptly.
The start of the 10:30 service is preceded by a countdown on the screens to enable everyone to get themselves sorted before the start. 
The service leader will introduce the service and welcome everyone.

The services
The words for most of our morning services are projected onto screens at the front of the building and are explained by those who are leading.

[More information is to be added here soon]