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Would you like to find out for yourself more about what Christians believe?
If you

Come along and find out more and speak to people who have completed the course for themselves. 

Here are just a few things people who have completed the Alpha course have to say...

  • "I loved every session, I loved the people there and learning about God"
  • "It's changed my way of dealing with problems"
  • "I feel much happier about myself and my own life now"
  • "I made some new and good friends"
  • "I now have a better understanding about Christianity"
  • "Through God's gift of the Holy Spirit, I am now calmer, more patient and loving"

The Alpha Course is an 11 week introduction to the Christian faith.  All Alpha Course mornings are from 9 - 10.30 am.  We begin each session with a meal so no need to eat before you come. For more information contact Yvonne Binder on 0121 559 7376 or pop into church on any weekday morning.

For details of the current  programme download and print an example of the schedule here.