Holy Week and Easter at Holy Trinity

The very centre of the Christian faith are the events of the first Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Come and explore their life-changing implications and celebrate all that they mean at our services.

Maundy Thursday

11am Holy Communion
Maundy Thursday communion service followed by seasonal refreshments.
7:30pm Maundy Thursday re-enactment last supper
Join us as we walk through the first Maundy Thursday, pausing to share in the Lord's Supper and reflect on Jesus' final night before he went to the cross.

Good Friday

9:30am Good Friday Family Service
A short (45min) service to think through as families why Good Friday is called Good Friday.
10:15am Walk of Witness
We walk, sing, speak Good Friday into our community. Meet at Holy Trinity, or come to the Family Service first.

2pm An hour at the cross
A reflective 60 minute service as we take time and space to be impacted by what Jesus did that first Good Friday.

4:30pm "Who is the King of Easter" Holiday Club
Good Friday activities, fun, celebration and food for primary age children.

Easter Sunday

8:30am Reflective Communion
A quieter earlier morning communion service.
10:45am All Age Communion Celebration
Our favourite service of the year as all ages together celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour. Balloons, communion in the round, confetti are some of the ways we've marked this world-altering occassion.
6:30pm Holy Communion
A more formal communion service celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.