Old Hill A5
Wot am we doin ere? 

After two years of fund raising, we are excited to be starting the repairs to the church tower roof and stonework.
This will save this very special building for the church and the people of Old Hill to use for many years to come.
Our contractors Croft will be replacing the tower roof, repairing and repointing the stonework. The very popular “Christmas Star” will be fixed to the new flagpole.
We are sorry that the church bells won’t be rang again until April 2019. We look forward hearing them again soon in the spring.   
Many different community groups use the church centre and so we are very happy to announce that as part of this project we will be fitting a new kitchen in January 2019.
We are very grateful to the Heritage Lottery for funding a large chunk the project and then to the other grant trusts for their financial support.  
The church is open daily between 9.00 am and 12 noon, if you would like any more information do pop in to see us.
Or follow this page to see what Heritage events we will be holding in 2019.

Photos of the tower

The tower from the ground. The work we are doing is all above the clock face.

High-level stonework
The present state of some of the stone-work at the top of the tower. It needs some t.l.c!

Clock face
The inside of one of the clock faces. A view you don't see very often!

Ringing chamber roof
Looking up at the ceiling of the ringing chamber, which is the room below the clock face. The ringing chamber is where the bells are rung from.


List of grant funders for this work:
•    Heritage Lottery Fund
•    Edward Cadbury Trust
•    National Churches Trust/Supporting church buildings across the UK
•    Garfield Weston
•    Allchurches Trust
•    Listed places of worship grant scheme