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Start! Course starting... 

Got questions about life and the Christian faith?

If you’re looking for answers then maybe it’s time to make a Start.
Beginning on Saturday 9th January for just six Saturdays, grab a slice of toast and a mug of tea and join us from your own sofa, 9am to 10:30am. 
Each session lasts about an hour and involves video clips, exercises, group discussion and time for reflection about:
  • What’s life all about and where are we going? 
  • Does God exist and what is He like? 
  • Why is the world in such a mess? 
  • Who was Jesus, and is He relevant? 
  • What does Jesus’ death on the cross mean for me today? 
  • How far can I go forward with God in my life?  
The discussions will be in small groups. If you wish, we can include you in a group with someone else you know will be with us on Zoom. 
It’s all free and we won’t call or pester you afterwards. 

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Start will help you discover more about God, Jesus and the journey of life.


Can I just come and try it out? Yes!  Feel free to try it the first week and then decide if it’s right for you.
Can I come with others?
Yes, feel free to have someone with you from your own household, or invite others to join in via Zoom.
And if I have more questions? Drop us an email here or call the church office!