A consultation on new toilet facilities 
for Holy Trinity

Following the successful renewal work on the kitchen, the PCC and its Building Development Team have been working towards renewing our toilet facilities. Following detailed work with our architect we are now in a position to seek your views on the proposal that we think best fits the needs of the church and community going forwards. 

Click here for the plans. A3 copies, which are to scale, are available at church.
A leaflet version of this web-page is available here.

Do download the full plan, but here is the main part:
Loos Proposal

Why are we planning this?

The existing toilets do not meet our current needs. In particular:

  • Accessibility: we lack:
    • a wheelchair accessible toilet 
    • a baby change facility usable by dads as well as mums
  • Safeguarding: we cannot currently provide different toilets for adults and children whilst children's work is in progress on Sundays or during events for young people or families e.g. Holiday Club.
  • Flexibility: with a limited extent of facilities we sometimes could do with more flexibility in their use. (But this is much less significant than the accessibility and safeguarding issues.)This inadequacy of provision results in a lack of dignity which would also be addressed by updating the appearance of the current facilities built in 1975 as part of the Church Centre.

We started to look at this at the end of 2019. Since then the covid-19 pandemic has highlighted other issues about hygiene and social distancing so we have checked that the proposals will be covid-secure not only for the short-term but also in case the pandemic persists.
So, in summary we are planning to address Accessibility (point A); Safeguarding (point S); Flexibility (point F); Dignity (point D); and Covid-security (point C).

What is proposed?

As well as a new wheelchair accessible toilet (points A and C) we are proposing to replace the current toilets with four individual toilets (points S, F, D and C) accessed just away from the main corridor (points D and C). These will:

  • have changeable signs (points F and D) to suit the occasion whether a particular toilet is for men, women or children.
  • have full height walls and doors (points S, D and C). They will be entirely separate not cubicles.
  • provide a handbasin in the same space as the WC (points S, D and C).
  • have an extract fan in every toilet (points D and C).
  • avoid having children mixing with adults in spaces that are not well supervised (points S and C).
  • include one toilet with plenty of space for young children to be accompanied by their parent / guardian (points A, S and D).
  • have a baby change facility usable by dads as well as mums (points A, F and D). (The latest building regulations are that baby changing should not be provided in the wheelchair accessible toilet.)
  • be capable of some being locked out of use (with benefits to cleaning requirements) when low use is expected (points F and C). 
  • Our Parochial Church Council has given this careful consideration (including its Building Development Group working through a number of options with our Architect) and the proposals are supported by the Diocesan Advisory Committee which we consulted informally in June. 

What will it cost?

Our Quantity Surveyor has estimated that the wheelchair accessible toilet / adjacent store will cost about £20,000 and all the other toilets and cleaner’s cupboard about £60,000. The actual cost, hopefully lower, will be known when we get prices from several building contractors. We are very clear that we will need significant grants in order to be able to proceed and applications will be made over the coming months.

What will it look like?

As well as putting up our Architect’s scale drawings in church and on the website here are two artist’s impressions by our very own Philip Adams. The colours are for artistic effect as we have not yet considered what the actual colour scheme will be.
This one shows the row of doors to the separate toilets:
Loo Pic 1

In the next picture one of the dividing walls has been “removed” on the drawing to show how each toilet will be equipped with WC and hand basin:
Loo Pic 2

What do I do next?

The PCC would like your views on the proposed changes to the toilet facilities at Holy Trinity. Once you have had a good look at the plans, read through this leaflet and reflected on the proposals, please fill in our brief survey below. We would be very grateful if you could respond by Sunday 18th October.

Thank you very much for your time and thoughts.