Youth at Holy Trinity on a Sunday 

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Investigators (school years 6 – 9)

Every Sunday we meet to find out more about Jesus. We will follow the outline of the service which the adults are in, look at the same passage as well as explain different aspects of the service. We get into the Bible for ourselves in different ways – including Bible relays, acting, drawing, highlighting among others – think about what God is teaching us and how to apply it.

We also encourage our youth to serve and be part of the adult service when we feel that is right for them.

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On All Age services we join in with the rest of the church family.

Older teenagers

We believe teenagers are young adults and by the time they reach year 10 should be seeing themselves as adult members of the church family. So, older teenagers join in with the main Sunday services in various ways from being a regular member of the congregation to being involved with the music, the AV and the children's groups.

Summer Ventures

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